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XXXTentacion Merchandise

The late XXXTentacion’s posthumous album “Skins” debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart and it was high time for the rapper’s fans to get their hands on an official XXXTentacion merchandise.

The first step was taken when his “BAD” handmade polo from his “SAD!” video was made available for purchase on his website.

The piece was limited and had an identical design as the one that XXX had made himself for his video. In July 2018, a message on his Instagram account announced the launch of an official merch - a tribute to the rapper’s legacy.

The first ever official XXXTentacion merchandise was a set of T-shirts with a variety of text graphics like “XXXTentacion”, “SAD!”, “Sincerely, XXX” and more. One of the tees has the "?" artwork printed on the back.

There were also a black “SAD!” hoodie with a print of the rapper’s eyes on the back, as well as black Champion shorts again with his second album’s question mark artwork. Even though the T-shirts were a lot, they didn’t have much fashion value.

A new collection was released to celebrate XXXTentacion’s “17” one-year anniversary. The capsule was dropped by his family and featured a wide set of long and short-sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, cellphone cases, lithographs and vinyl version of the album.

The standout pieces feature the number 17, as well as the rapper’s face on the front of a short and long-sleeve tee and phone case.

The hoodie has a “You Are Not Alone” print on the right sleeve and a “There Is No End To The Pain You Must Be Numb” print on the back, written in X’s handwriting from the cover of the album. All pieces are in black in the memory of XXX.

Kanye West designed his own T-shirt, hoodie and long-sleeve with Jahseh Onfroy’s face printed on the front. All three pieces were in white and were released from the artist’s estate.

The follow-up was a reveal by the late star’s mother, Cleopatra, in which she announced a new drop of merch on which her son worked before his death.

The line consisted of an “I Hate Love” tee, “People Suck” long-sleeve tee, an “I Fuckin Luv Humans” hoodie and two exclusive polos. Each purchase came with a pre-ordered copy of his posthumous album “Skins”.

After the album dropped, Kanye dropped a now-more-serious collection made for X’s album, in which Mr. West took part in the song “One Minute”.

The capsule consists of three pieces – a long-sleeve, a T-shirt and a hoodie. The items are actually YEEZY blanks with original graphics from JJ Villard.

All three pieces include sketchy and psychedelic skeleton graphics with print messages inspired by the album’s lyrics - “It’s a lonely place”, “When I’m on the way, hold the gate”, “Swallow the hate” and other.

All in all, there’s a lot more to expect as the ultimate X clothes are still to be designed. Even though he is long gone, XXXTentacion’s legacy is still going strong and it won’t be a surprise if there are newer drops of music, as well as merchandise in honor of the late rapper.

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